1. What are the benefits of using an agency? 
Recruiting for yourself can be expensive but we can save you time and money. Just add up the costs of phone calls, advertising, time spent sifting through resumes, interviewing inappropriate candidates, writing position descriptions and reference checking. We believe that your time and money is much better spent working on your own business while we do all the hard work for you. The agencies will also have a bigger pool of candidates making certain you will get the right person for your company and if the right one is not found, then there will be no charge to you. 

2. What areas do you specialise in? 
Forward Thinking has four specialist divisions – Motor Trade, IT, Sales, Design and Engineering. 

3. How can I get the most from my recruitment specialist? 
Communicating with our clients is very much encouraged within our Company and we know our clients well. 

4. What happens when candidates are presented to me by the recruitment specialist? 
When we recommend a candidate to you that we feel is right for the job, and after looking through their CV you feel that they too may be the right person, you should proceed to interview as soon as possible. Great candidates are highly sought after but your recruitment specialist works to keep them interested in your role if you can keep the interviewing process moving along. 

5. What happens if the candidate does not work out? 
If a candidate does not work out for whatever reason within their probationary period, we will refill the role should you wish us to or a refund may be possible. 

6. Where do you advertise? 
We use various major internet job boards in the UK as well as our extensive database to source candidates. We also receive a large number of referrals from our existing clients and candidates. 

7. What geographical locations do you service?
We provide candidates from all over the UK. 

8. How much will a temporary staff member cost me? 
The cost of temporary staff varies based on the skills you require the candidate to possess. An overview of our fees is outlined in our Terms and Conditions and should you wish we can email this to you. 

9. How long can I have a temporary staff member for? 
There is a minimum callout of 4 hours for temporary staff. You can take a temp on from a ½ a day assignment to a long-term assignment and then if you decide after 12 weeks you wish to take the temp on a permanent basis, then we do not charge a fee for this. 

10. Do you charge us for a temp’s public holidays and annual leave? 
NO - you are only charged for the hours the temporary staff member works. 

11. Do you handle all issues about PAYE, NIC, WTD, holiday pay etc. for temp supplies? 
YES - the charge rates quoted are what you pay, nothing more. 

12. Will I receive a personalised service every time? 
YES of course - your case will receive the undivided attention of one of our professional recruitment consultants who will take you right along the recruitment process. 

13. Do you charge VAT? 

14. I need a time sheet for a temp! 
Please use the time sheet below for all temporary staff supplied through us. 


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